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      Two years and counting

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The Drummers' Corner

A figure of a man playing the drums.

Hot off the presses: Clare Moore Music with an Australian Accent

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インタビューは英語を話す有名人や専門家に行われる傾向があり、彼らの知恵と経験を学生ジャーナリストと共有しています。   各号には、興味深いトピックに関する他の短い記事が 2 つまたは 3 つ含まれています. 

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"Sometimes you get your heart set on something and then it doesn't work out and later on you say it was the best result anyway."



Music is always going to be there, but you never know if family or people... you never know who's going to come and who's going to go.  I think it's important to just be or try to be present when you're with the people you love.

"I've had that kind of success that you can have as a young person and it's great and I'm glad I survived it and I'm glad I still being creative and be able to talk to people like you."

「基本的に、本を表紙で判断することはできないことを理解しました. つまり、人々を意味します. 人々はいつもあなたを驚かせることを知っています。" 


"As I get older, I don't hold on so tight.

It doesn't have to be so precious.

It doesn't have to be perfect."

Think about it! Thirty years later

we travelled five thousand miles from Seattle to Portugal, to discover something new, musical influences from half a world away. 

"Spending time making music with your bandmates knowing that it isn't going to be commercial or popular or even entertaining is in its own way political."

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